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Thana BenjathiKul Law Office Co., Ltd. is comprised of premier lawyers and business leaders in the coutry. Fully committed to the tenets of the legal profession, we pledge to provide our utmost knowledge, skills and ethics to our clients and society. Leveraging on our specialized legal expertise and broad knowledge of local company operations, our top social and national clients trust us to accurately and efficiently address the various legal requirements of their business.

Scope of Services.

Legal Services

Consultancy and guidance services through a legal adviser. An attorney will be provided to negotiate deals, resolve disputes and strategize all legal action.

In civil or criminal litigation, bankruptcy or in criminal litigation, bankruptcy or intellectual property lawsuits, our scope of services encompass case preparation before issuing demand for the prosecution of the case plan, formulation and witnessing the draft documents filed in a civil court, filing a counterclaim for editing (if any) and issuing court orders or proceedings with the Supreme Court or Court of First Instance inclusive of the preparation and revision of appeals, petitions, resolve disputes, etc.

Task force cases are class action lawsuits submitted to obtain payment for rehabilitation or bankruptcy claims through confiscation of frozen assets, auctions, sale of properties as well as resolve disputes arising from claims made from the sale of properties.

Legal assistance for defendant by filing an affidavit and in court proceedings for criminal and civil cases labour cases, etc.

Appeals - filing or contesting (or opposing an appeal and/or petition

Drafting contracts and translation of foreign documents

A representative will be appointed to attend the business meeting, translate foreign material (if necessary) and draft a Business Finance joint venture agreement contract. Types of contract include business restructuring, loan program (syndicate loan) , financial transaction, trading of property, transfer of business, etc.

Developing rehabilitation or restructuring plan

Counsel will be provided by a plan administrator and consultants for a debtor under the Bankruptcy Act and/or debt restructuring plan as decreed by the Thai Asset Management Corporation

Providing accelerated debt service

A plan will be formulated by experienced legal advisers to accelerate debt consolidation, negotiate debt collection, strategize a compromise plan, collect debts and classify receivables without the need to take measures proceedings.

Conduction personal and asset searches

For missing people under investigation or those with a criminal arrest warrant, legal services will be provided to determine their identity, estate, heirs or property successor. These services may be offered in conjunction with tracking accelerated debt or the enforcement of court orders or judgements.

Technical services including consultation and training seminars

Legal assistsnce will be given by those practical knowledge of laws relating to accelerated track debt, debtor rehabilitation restructuring, contract bankruptcy, etc. pushing and publishing academic papers about the law.

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